[ZPT] Re: Macros and gallery of web components

Pawel Lewicki lewicki@provider.pl
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:32:56 +0100

> Pawel Lewicki wrote at 2003-2-14 12:54 +0100:
>  > Is there any case study or maybe even a mature solution to build a
>  > of web components based on ZPT macros? The most important for me is the
>  > answer how to connect them with hidden behind Python classes. If the
>  > was mentioned what should I ask google for?
> I probably do not understand what you are looking for...
> However, when you ask for a macros repository/library which can
> be reused for many purposes then the current state is still
> far from optimal:
>   *  metal is unable to reference other macros relative to a macro.
>      This would be crucial for a macro library/repository.
>   *  metal lacks documentation features, especially for
>      "free" variables used as non-splot arguments to macros.
> Dieter

I don't know what's hidden behind CMFPortlets, but the idea of a product may
show what I'm planning to do. I want to create a collection of reusable ZPT
snippets to present a dynamic content. For example I have some classes
presenting data. Some may do it in tables some in graphs. I would provide an
interface to design a page. For now it is just an idea and technology
research :)
Some time ago I used ZMP macros to present recursive data (tables in tables)
and it worked fine (it still does :). Performance was not a crucial issue so
I didn't do any research on that field. I just think that the engine may do

Pawel Lewicki