[ZPT] Macro expansion and slots

Evan Simpson evan@4-am.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:35:42 -0600

Jeff Peterson wrote:
>       <p metal:slot="para">   <<-- not "fill-slot" as above
> And as such the content is not editable unless I change it to a fill slot

This is actually the purpose of the change.  With the prior behavior, 
there was no way to spell "I haven't filled/don't intend to fill this 
slot".  The first time your template expanded a macro, the contents of 
any "define-slot" would be copied into a "fill-slot".  Thereafter, any 
change to the macro's "define-slot" contents would not be reflected in 
your template unless you deleted the "fill-slot" element and re-expanded 
the template.

Now, the "slot" attribute acts as a placeholder, allowing you to see 
each slot that you haven't yet filled.


Evan @ 4-am