[ZPT] Macro expansion and slots

Clemens Robbenhaar robbenhaar@espresto.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 18:59:12 +0100

Evan Simpson writes:
 > Clemens Robbenhaar wrote:
 > >  It seems in some cases (especially when editing via WebDAV) the 
 > > 'metal:slot' attribute makes it to the actual page template when
 > > saving.  The page template cannot be rendered afterwards, as
 > > 'metal:slot' is not a valid METAL attribute.
 > 'metal:slot' is a perfectly valid METAL attribute, at least in versions 
 > of ZPT that generate it.  I just tested it in Zope 2.6.1 and it worked 
 > as expected.  What version are you using?

 Oh, sorry, I should test issues before posting them to the list :(

 Actually this had happened with 2.6.0, but as I have upgraded to 2.6.1
recently I cannot reproduce the issue any longer. The fix has been
mentioned in the doc/CHANGES.txt, I forgot to check this.

 Sorry for that.

 After apologizing for one bad habit I come up with the next one ;-/
(shifting the topic in an email thread). I did run into the following
issue when testing for the above issue:

 When I check the "Expand macros when editing" I get the macros all
expanded, as indended. If I uncheck this box, the macro expansions is
gone, but only if I haven't saved the page template. If I save the page
template in between, I can uncheck the "Expand macros when editing" and
still get the marcos expanded. (I am quite sure my edits did not destroy
the macro reference; if I edit code which is actually in the macro and
not in the template, this modification is not rendered when I view the

 Hm, maybe this is a feature? When editing code which is actually
contained in the macro and not in the page template, do not collapse
marcos, for these modification do not get lost?