[ZPT] accessrule.py?

Nuray Dedeoglu ndedeoglu at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 05:01:07 EDT 2005

While I was trying to change the language of my plone portal from
turkish to enlish I created a python script named accessrule and
placed it in the root directory in my ZMI,then set the access rule
with the one I created. I inserted the following code in to the python

request = container.REQUEST
response = request.RESPONSE
request.set(HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, en)
response.setCookie(LOCALIZER_LANGUAGE, en)

but then it didn' t work, moreover I cannot even open the ZMI
receiving the following error:

Site Error
An error was encountered while publishing this resource. 

Error Type: NameError
Error Value: global name 'HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE' is not defined

What can I do for this? Can anyone help?


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