[ZPT] Zope3 Standalone Page Templates

Jeff Peterson jpeterso at crary.com
Mon Mar 12 15:40:30 EDT 2007

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I am trying to get Zope3 page templates installed as a standalone
package.  I thought this would be easy and maybe I am missing something,
but, I am having no luck at all.

I have seen several posts regarding doing this, but none of them seem to
work any longer.  On used zpkg to get the package and build a tarball,
but the packaging failed with the data that was given, as files in the
svn repository were moved.  I looked around the for another method of
getting them from svn but could not come up with anything.  It looks
like the files might be there to retrieve but I am unsure how.

I tried to use the pagetemplate folder from a zope3 install but I cannot
seem to get python to see it properly.  The app that is looking for them
 imports them as such:

  from zope.pagetemplate import pagetemplatefile

My goal was to install this in the site-packages folder in my python
install.  If anyone has any input at all it would be appreciated.


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