[BlueBream] last question: bluebream vs. django

Tamer Higazi th982a at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 6 12:56:03 EDT 2010

Of course!
Will be my pleasure to stay in touch with you.
Am 06.06.2010 17:39, schrieb Justin Ryan:
> On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 2:28 AM, Tamer Higazi <th982a at googlemail.com
> <mailto:th982a at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>     dear Justin,
>     Thanks for your quick answer. The next project I'd love to pull out of
>     the ground will be done entirely with bluebream.
>     Therefor I'd love to donate to your community sharing my business
>     success with you. Is there a way to donate to your community?!
> Testing, Documentation, and Code are our favorite donation, but you
> can surely donate to Zope Foundation.
So it will be!
>     Or will I have to pass through the Zope e.V. (Zope society in
>     germany) ?!
>     Another question guys, where may I find infos about ZEO (Zope
>     Clustering) for bluebream? And what are GoF books ?!
> ZEO for BlueBream works the same as you will find documented for any
> other Zope tech, the ZODB3 package contains all of that.  Ilshad has
> some specifics for you.
> The GoF is a common abbreviation for the "Gang of Four", who wrote
> "Design Patterns".  I think you may have that book, or understand the
> concepts within, from your last message.
I will get that book soon.
>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_Patterns
> Best of luck!  Show us what you build with BlueBream!
It will take more then 3 months to accomplish this project alone.

To make it not that so secret at all, I will rewrite an application I
did before in PHP5 in python (hopefully with bluebream) as a rental (not
sale) version of an application for an industry which I now don't love
to mention. The reporting routine will be done with BIRT (Business
Intelligent Reporting Tool) and let the self written java library play
with python through the JPype bridge.

Making php clusters isn't possible, and PHP doesn't give me the real
freedom I want as I have with python. Although I didn't finish with the
bluebream documentation at all, I am really excited and HOTT to start
through with bluebream. because I am under time pressure.

The documentation could be a bit better, specially about components,
events, interfaces.... with code samples to make it people (especially
newcomers) easy to understand.

Heavily I will make use of bluebream the next months and will ask you
questions, therefore I want to thank you in advance for your SUPPERB

Just strange that I didn't find the donation page. :(

Tamer Higazi

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