[BlueBream] locatability of objects inside a list in bluebream

Joshua Immanuel josh at hipro.co.in
Thu Aug 25 03:54:58 EDT 2011

Hello all,
	I have a following interface definitions

        class IMyListObject(Interface):
            name = TextLine(
        class IMyObject(Interface):
            name = TextLine(
            my_list = List(
                title=u'My Object list',
                    title='My List Object',

For adding the 'IMyListObject' into the my_list of 'IMyObject' I created
a browser page for 'IMyObject' with zope.formlib AddForm's form_fields
set to 'IMyListObject' and appended them to the 'my_list' field. That
part works great.

But I like to know, what is the preferred way of making objects inside
the 'my_list' to be locatable. So that I can have an edit page or a
display page for the 'IMyListObject' in that list.

One approach what I thought was to make 'IMyObject' as a container with
all other schema fields in place except the 'my_list' field and add the
'IMyListObject' to the 'IMyObject' as child objects, so that all the
'IMyListObject' objects are locatable.

But I really wanted to know if it is possible to make objects inside a
list locatable as that would be necessary in the case of creating an
object tree of the following format.

        class INode(Interface):
                parent = Object(
                        title=u"Parent node",
                children = List(
                        title=u'Child nodes',
        INode['parent'].schema = INode
        INode['children'].value_type.schema = INode
Please guide me in this regard.

[Sorry for always cross posting to both bluebream and zope-dev mailing
lists. Also I find another not so active zope3-users mailing list
available. As most of my queries gets answered from zope-dev mailing
list I am still in confusion on which mailing list to single out. Kindly
bear with me.]

Joshua Immanuel
HiPro IT Solutions Private Limited
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