[BlueBream] browser resource with same name for sub packages

Joshua Immanuel joshua at hipro.co.in
Fri May 27 04:06:21 EDT 2011

Hello all,
	I am facing an issue with marking browser:resourceDirectory with same
name for sub packages. 

	Say if an application has two subpackages myapp.sub1 and myapp.sub2 and
there are separate directories under them (myapp/sub1/static and
myapp/sub2/static) that contain static files. 

	How do I make zpt files under these sub packages refer to their
corresponding static directories only, without giving different resource
names in zcml. So that say, "/++resource++static/style.css" would refer
to the file myapp/sub1/static/style.css, if it is accessed from zpt file
in myapp.sub1 and to the file myapp/sub2/static/style.css, if it is
accessed from zpt file in myapp.sub2.

Joshua Immanuel
HiPro IT Solutions Private Limited
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