[Grok-dev] Howto set up post-mortem debugging in Grok

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Fri Aug 17 07:50:08 EDT 2007

Previously Sebastian Ware wrote:
> This is so easy, it is very difficult to find any simple  
> documentation... thus easy enough for me to contribute :) This  
> section should be part of a "Grok Debugging Howto"...

I'm afraid it is not fully correct. The proper way to do this is by
modifying the buildout configuration:

in your buildout.cfg look for the zopectl section. You will see an entry
there that defines the zope.conf that should be used. Modify that to
look like this:

  zope.conf = ${data:zconfig}
         type PostmortemDebuggingHTTP
         address 8080

if you rerun buildout your zope.conf will be updated to use the
PostmortemDebuggingHTTP server.

I had to figure out that yesterday as well :)


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