[Grok-dev] Separating action buttons in the layout

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Jul 5 10:46:58 EDT 2007

I found this in a design document for formlib. Is this doable in  
Grok? Grouping actions is obviously very useful in UI design... :)

Multiple button groups

Multiple button groups can be accomplished many ways, but the way  
we've found
that reuses the most code is the following:

     >>> import zope.cachedescriptors.property
     >>> class MyForm(form.Form):
     ...     form_fields = form.Fields(IOrder)
     ...     primary_actions = form.Actions()
     ...     secondary_actions = form.Actions()
     ...     @zope.cachedescriptors.property.Lazy
     ...     def actions(self):
     ...         return list(self.primary_actions) + list 
     ...     @form.action(u'Edit', primary_actions)
     ...     def handle_edit_action(self, action, data):
     ...         if form.applyChanges(self.context, self.form_fields,  
     ...             self.status = 'Object updated'
     ...         else:
     ...             self.status = 'No changes'
     ...     @form.action(u'Submit for review...', secondary_actions)
     ...     def handle_review_action(self, action, data):
     ...         print "do something here"

The template then can render the button groups separately--something  
like the
following, for instance:

     <input tal:repeat="action view/primary_actions"
        tal:replace="structure action/render"


     <input tal:repeat="action view/secondary_actions"
        tal:replace="structure action/render"

But the form machinery can still find the correct button. # TODO: demo

Mvh Sebastian

27 jun 2007 kl. 22.19 skrev Sebastian Ware:

> Grok automatically inserts all the action buttons in the same span.  
> However, I would like to separate the actions, and possibly render  
> them differently depending on what kind of action it is (edit  
> actions vs. workflow actions).
> Is this possible? How would I do it?
> Mvh Sebastian
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