[Grok-dev] Grok at DZUG, EuroPython

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Mar 15 13:27:19 EDT 2007

Hi there,

Originally we've discussed April the potential time for a grok sprint 
here in the Netherlands. While I'm still willing to organize this (for 
late april/early may), I was wondering whether we couldn't better gather 
before the upcoming DZUG in early june, since some of us (Christian, 
myself, and potentially Philipp, Wolfgang?) are already going to be 
there, and we may be able to recruit more people.

Are there sprints planned before DZUG? When? What do people think?

I've just submitted a talk for DZUG titled 'ME GROK SAY HI', which is 
intended to be an introduction to Grok. Does anyone want to give a talk 
about Grok? We could also consider a Grok tutorial, though those run in 
parallel to the conference proper, right?

Besides DZUG, we should also plan a Grok sprint around EuroPython. This 
would also be an excellent point to recruit more people into our project.



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