[Grok-dev] Re: Admin UI name change suggestion

Shane Hathaway shane.list.grok-dev at hathawaymix.org
Fri Oct 5 00:23:06 EDT 2007

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> [snip]
>> I agree with these observations, *however*, there needs to be a way to
>> make "taking over the zope root" optionally in a very easy way: I
>> forsee people do want to have multiple applications running in a Zope
>> instance - I know I will need this option.
>> Maybe we can introduce a grok.ApplicationRoot that will "take over"
>> the zope root, where grok.Application retains the current behaviour?
> I still like Shane's plan as he spelled it out, earlier.
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.grok.devel/2337
> What do people think about this?

Actually we found several problems with the plan in that thread, and I
replaced the idea with the following:

"Wait... here's something simpler.  There could be a page in the Grok UI
that lets people configure which application to use by incoming port
number.  For example, I might say that port 8080 serves helloapp, 8081
serves helloapp-dev, and 8082 serves grokadmin.  If the server gets a
request on an unconfigured port, it falls back to grokadmin.  Adding a
port requires a change to zope.conf, but that's easy to explain.  Hmm,
yeah, I like that idea a lot better.  No funny ++app++ names, and if
users accidentally lock themselves out of the grok administration UI,
all they have to do is add another HTTP port to zope.conf."

I'm still pretty happy with the revised idea.


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