[Grok-dev] Re: Template pluggability and megrok.genshi finished.

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sat Oct 6 18:47:30 EDT 2007

Lennart Regebro wrote:
> Well, I've slept on it, and since Genshi is all about having
> unrestricted power and full access t python and other things, I see no
> need for a restricted version, even though that was what people
> recommended here before.
> I mean, it's unrestricted python. You can anyway probably do something like
> <?python from zope.app.traversing import traverse ?>
> <html><body>${traverse(context, 'whetever/path/you/want')}</body></html>
> So why make it easy for people to shoot themselves in the foot in
> every way possible except by easy traversal? :-) I'm all for a path
> method in Genshi.

Yes, good points, and agreed.

Hopefully there are ways to lock down Genshi (or these will exist) at 
some point in the future to enable such locking down. Or perhaps we will 
need to look into other templating languages to support these scenarios 

By the way, it's interesting to observe that Genshi is developed (at 
least in part) by people at Edgewall, who also develop Trac. To develop 
Trac, Clearsilver was used, which is a very restrictive (and very fast) 
template language that is very "push". Genshi, I understood, is in part 
a response to the limitations of Clearsilver.



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