[Grok-dev] Should we consider any alternative to Plone? (was: maintaining the Grok website)

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Sun Sep 16 04:18:14 EDT 2007

16 sep 2007 kl. 02.12 skrev Martin Aspeli:

> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> I know what you mean. Seeing is believing. I agree with that  
>> 100%.  I'll rest my case when Luciano says what I sent him  
>> sucks... :)
> Please don't take this the wrong way (I realise there are probably  
> other pressures), but I actually find your approach here a little  
> disappointing. I'm glad you're sharing, but it's clearly not open  
> at this point. All we have is your word that this is even a  
> feasible product. That's not a problem per-se, and I realise you're  
> willing to open source it, but the problem is that either you have  
> to be solely responsible for maintaining it (which I doubt you have  
> the capacity to do, regardless of your intentions, which I know are  
> good), or you have to let the community own it. For the community  
> to own it, they need to shape it, not just have the code dumped in  
> their laps. Starting out open and growing in an open way usually  
> leads to better results than starting out closed and relicensing  
> once the big decisions have all been made.

I really don't know how to answer this.

Anyway, maybe I haven't been clear enough.

-I will be happy to BSD license the code
-If we choose a Grok-based CMS, it needs to be community supported
-It has to be good enough up front
-It needs to be maintainable (lightweight, small code base)
-I have sent the code to Luciano because he is smart, open minded and  
won't hit me on my head if he doesn't like it!

The question is obviously: can you consider a Grok-based CMS as an  
alternative to Plone?

If the answer is "yes, if it is good enough" then I suggest we rest  
this discussion until Luciano has looked at my code and then we know  
if we have anything worth evaluating. If we don't, this is a non- 
issue :)

Mvh Sebastian

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