[Grok-dev] the grok website: Plone?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Sep 20 08:26:14 EDT 2007

20 sep 2007 kl. 13.45 skrev Luciano Ramalho:

> To foster collaboration, I think we should leverage the fact that
> Plone aims at decentralized editing, and make it possible for any
> member to post content to their own folder without having to wait for
> approval (like the original Plone workflow). That content should then
> be presented organized by category and/or content type in smart
> folders located near the root of the site.

This is unfortunately what has made zope.org close to useless. These  
personal documents aren't moderated or maintained så the amount of  
outdated and sometimes inaccurate documentation (not to mention dead  
links...) is very high.

I would say, only moderated content on the website, except for  
(spambot secured) comments perhaps.

I would rather have a couple of editors who made sure that the site  
maintains quality (that said, anybody should be able to make changes  
that are submitted to the editorial workflow).

> Content should not be limited to technical docs, but should include
> marketing and community content such as cases (sites which use Grok)
> and profiles of the Grok developers and users. It's also very useful
> for a newcomer to see right up front links to all key online resources
> of the community. In the Brazilian Zope/Plone community portal [1], we
> have a portlet showing the RSS feed from the main portuguese
> Zope/Plone mailing list.

Less is more. I would rather see (less) high quality docs on the  
grok.zope.org site than (more) low quality. In this case high quality  
== maintainable.

I agree that one should be open to the idea of making it a one stop  
shop, but I believe it should evolve into this, rather than grasp all  
of it up front.

Mvh Sebastian

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