[Grok-dev] Problems serving iepngfix.htc for transparent PNG in IE6

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Dec 1 13:27:46 EST 2008

Thanks, but I am still struggling. Don't know how to affect the  
content type served from the static folder. If anyone has ha complete  
recipe for this problem it would be great. PNG-transparency is kind of  
important stuff...

Mvh Sebastian

1 dec 2008 kl. 18.22 skrev Leonardo Rochael Almeida:

> I believe the solution to your problem goes through the following
> tidbit I found while reading the instructions for [1]:
> "you may have a MIME type problem. You must ensure your server is
> sending the correct MIME type of "text/x-component" for .HTC files".
> [1] http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/
> Cheers, Leo
> On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 14:38, Sebastian Ware  
> <sebastian at urbantalk.se> wrote:
>> I need to use the PNG-transparency fix which involves using a .htc
>> file that is executed by IE5.5&6. I want to place iepngfix.htc in the
>> static folder in order to avoid having to create a specific rewrite
>> rule for nginx. However, I have been trying to get this to work and  
>> it
>> seems as though Grok won't deliver the .htc-file out of the static
>> folder in a way that works with IE.
>> Question:
>> 1 Has anyone succesfully used the iepngfix.htc solution with Grok?
>> 2 How did you do it?
>> Mvh Sebastian
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