[Grok-dev] reviving the bug tracker

Todd todd at infrae.com
Mon Dec 15 04:15:14 EST 2008

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> Thanks Todd for helping us get attention to the bug tracker. We've 
> already fixed a few long-standing issues and discovered a few more 
> important bugs.
> I'm still a bit mystified by how launchpad intends us to use various 
> features. The things I understand:
> * launchpad has a concept called a 'series' (Grok 0.14.x, Grok 1.0.x, etc).
> * launchpad also has a concept of a 'milestone': Grok 0.14.0, Grok 
> 0.14.1, Grok 0.1.1)
> There's also a concept of 'target to release' I don't quite get yet. You 
> can click on a button and then target a bug to one or more releases. I 
> think this affects the 'series targeted bugs' overview that right now 
> doesn't display as many bugs for 1.0 as it should be. Perhaps Todd can 
> look into what's up with this - we'd preferably like all open bugs to be 
> targetting series 1.0, unless they've already been targetted for 1.1.
If you target a bug to a release, that is the way you can start 
funneling bugs to a specific series. I can start moving them now.

I've also noticed, if you go to a bug that has 'affected' versions (like 
0.12 and 0.14) you'll notice that those series are *not* available for 
targeting to release. If you target a bug for release and submit the bug 
will take the series and list it in its 'affected' list.
> We also have a 'trunk' series and the role of this I'm not entirely 
> clear about.
> We'll figure it out. As a project, let's try to maintain the bugs in the 
> bugtrackers a bit more diligently from now on!
> Regards,
> Martijn
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