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Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Jan 2 18:06:37 EST 2008

2 jan 2008 kl. 23.38 skrev Kevin Teague:

> Luciano Ramalho-2 wrote:
>> I've created an Reference section in the Learn [1] area.
> More documentation on the web site is good :)
> Note that we basically have three main documentation content-types:
> How-To:
>  Single page of documentation.
>  Typically associated with goal-oriented tasks, although I've named  
> this
> "Mini Tutorial" for the time being in keeping with the old site.

I think How-To is more descriptive. I also like "recipe", provided  
they are focused on code samples.

> Tutorial:
>  Multi-section documentation.
>  For lengthier, more in-depth subjects on a particular topic, but a  
> reader
> should still be able to digest an entire Tutorial in one sitting.


> Reference Manual:
>  Multi-chapter, multi-section documentation.
>  For large works. I suspect that we may want to publish the main Grok
> Tutorial here as a Reference Manual, since it is already organized  
> into
> Chapters/Sections. Which means we might want to rename the content- 
> type on
> the site to something like "Book"?

I would prefer to keep the Grok Tutorial among the other tutorials. I  
think it will be confusing if we mix reference and tutorial style  
content in the reference manual.

Mvh Sebastian

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