[Grok-dev] the website, nouns and verbs

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jan 3 14:35:18 EST 2008

Hi there,

Here I'm proposing some decisions on nouns and verbs for the website.

The Grok approaches matches the Ruby-on-Rails or Plone approach:

* our homepage has bunch of verbs to draw people in. The homepage is 
intended to draw people in.

* our underlying structure and the rest of the navigation uses nouns. 
Those are the tabs in plone.org, or the navigation bar on the top of 

Peter Bengtsson elsethread mentions that currently the verbs go to 
confusing places. That's because we actually need to *write* pages for 
the verbs. These pages don't need to be long but can point to existing 
documentation if we have that already. They're entry-points. Preferably 
the URLs and the titles of the page should match the verbs, so 
'Evaluate' will go to /evaluate which says "Evaluate Grok".

Here's a minimalistic list of what these pages should be like:


should point to a page that leads the developer to the following pages:



and probably a reworked version of:


[it's not good by the way that the 'About' section doesn't point to 
those pages except through the navigation!]


should have a page which leads people to the tutorial first and 
foremost, and then points to the rest of the documentation. It could 
offer some tips on how to ask questions too (mailing list, irc)


An prose-overview of the most important documentation resources.


A prose overview of how you can contribute, include stuff on how we 
really *want* people to tell us stuff, like, "Grok doesn't work? Don't 
be quiet! We want to know!"

The homepage needs to be more catchy. We definitely need the caveman in 
the title. We want to give an open, simple, playful impression, and I 
think we should watch out for enterprise-speak.

We also need the caveman on the homepage. The caveman is at least half 
the reason for our success! Bring in the caveman! ME GROK WANT SEE 

Anyway, I'll go try see whether I can actually use Plone. Hm, I think I 
need some permissions, as I can't seem to see any actions. Also my home 
page doesn't appear to work. Help! :)



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