[Grok-dev] content work on the site

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sun Jan 6 21:32:43 EST 2008

> * I don't like the way 'description' is used. That is, I like how  
> they show up in the folder over view pages like for the 'about'  
> section or the main tutorial (though some 'no description' bits are  
> missing there). I don't like how this text appears on top of the  
> normal page in bold. This often breaks the flow of the text, making  
> it harder to read. I'd prefer it if the description did *not* appear  
> visibly on the normal pages, and was only used by the overviews. I  
> don't know whether this is a recommended way to use Plone, however.

It's possible to supply a custom template for the Page content-type  
that doesn't display descriptions. Maybe hiding descriptions would be  
good for us? I need to mull that over for a bit. This customization  
would also only likely apply to the Page content type, so Help Center  
content would still have descriptions. I added the bold style to the  
descriptions recently, but I think it's bit much, so I might at least  
tweak the CSS a bit more.

> There's a lot more content work to be done, and it'll go faster if I  
> get help to do so. Anyone up for writing the 'learn', 'develop' and  
> 'participate' sections? That would involve writing a short text like  
> for 'evaluate', linking to relevant resources. It would also involve  
> creating/organizing those resources, should they not be there yet,  
> or not in the right place.
> The idea is that the main verbs are just simple flat pages with text  
> pointing to the right places in our site organization. Eventually we  
> might introduce tagging to automate what's in the verb pages, but  
> that's a later concern.

Since these are intended as our "First Impressions" pages, I think  
they'd work better as more hand-crafted text-and-image creations.  
Ideally a custom Grok image or two for each page, etc. However,  
working on marketing-focued content is not always the most enjoyable  
of tasks, which was why I was concerned that we could end up re- 
launching with these links pointing to near empty pages ... :(

I created a "Sample Applications"  folder, and documented the Adder  


This was intended to be a 30-minute read to give a new person a sense  
of what a Grok app looks like, so I think I may be a bit verbose in  
the text with a bit too much of tutorialish slant. Perhaps we also  
want to pull in Phillip's Herd of Mammoth's example, and I was also  
intended to cover Grokstar and Grok Wiki at some point. For the Blog  
and wiki apps I just wanted to focus on the highlights of the apps  
where we have particularly interesting source code that demonstrates  
unique characterists of developing with Grok.

I'm also getting behind on CSS bug fixes, etc. since I've been working  
on a talk on Grok that I'm giving this Tuesday at the local Vancouver  
Python Users Group:


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