[Grok-dev] Re: content work on the site

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Jan 7 20:51:22 EST 2008

Kevin Teague wrote:
>> The idea is that the main verbs are just simple flat pages with text 
>> pointing to the right places in our site organization. Eventually we 
>> might introduce tagging to automate what's in the verb pages, but 
>> that's a later concern.
> Since these are intended as our "First Impressions" pages, I think 
> they'd work better as more hand-crafted text-and-image creations. 
> Ideally a custom Grok image or two for each page, etc. 

I agree completely that this would be the best. The second best is to 
just have the text though, and this looks like we could get it done 
fairly quickly. :)

> I created a "Sample Applications"  folder, and documented the Adder 
> application:


> I'm also getting behind on CSS bug fixes, etc. since I've been working 
> on a talk on Grok that I'm giving this Tuesday at the local Vancouver 
> Python Users Group:
> http://www.vanpyz.org/

Good luck with that, and do let us know how it went!



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