[Grok-dev] Announcing DBSprockets Primitives

Christopher Perkins chris at percious.com
Mon Jan 14 12:17:34 EST 2008

I know a few of you on this board have been following the DBSprockets
project so I wanted to post about a recent development: primitives.

What I have done is to massively simplify the api so that making an custom
form for user input is much easier.  Here is what you get with my
auto-generated forms.

1) SQLAlchemy 4.2 support (the latest and greatest)
2) Automatic Form generation.  DBSprockets will determine how to generate
the form based on the model definition you send it.
3) Automatic validation.  (required fields, email_address, integer vs.
String etc. and a bit more)
4) Automatic one-to-many drop-downs.
5) Automatic many-to-many multiple-select fields.

1) makeTable - makes a table of a given model.  (working in the trunk)

I have yet to make a mock-up of a grok project because I am migrating to
python 2.5 but I may have one in the coming weeks.  If someone out there
worked to get dbsprockets working in a grok environment they would have my
full support.

Here is a link to the primitives documentation:

DBSprockets is at PyPI (easy_install dbsprockets)


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