[Grok-dev] Re: Docs: Using Virtualenv with Grok

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Jan 23 07:07:33 EST 2008

I've rolled some of the comments and corrections into this doc, as  
well as done some polishing to the text.


I removed the bit about needing to install easy_install after creating  
a new virtualenv, because virtualenv creates an easy_install for use  
with it (maybe it doesn't on an older version of virtualenv, I've got  
version 1.0). I've linked to this doc from the "Download" intro page  
that I've been writting (http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/about/download 
). Also I had to include a reference to "both a belt and suspenders" :)

As for twiddling the PATH, I always find it kind of odd that activate  
is in ./bin since it's not executable. Although I don't usually use  
it, and where else would you put it so ....  I do have quite a few  
bash files intended for sourcing at work though. I've got a BuildIt  
project which builds a buncha bioinformatic stuff and generates  
explicit shell files. Then the developers can run things without  
needing PATHs everywhere or loads of configuration, while still making  
everything explicit and repeatable :)

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