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Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Fri Jan 25 07:33:15 EST 2008

On the web site, I clicked on "Learn" which took me to documentation,
and then clicked on "Principals and Security".  I then wanted to
re-ascend to the full "Documentation" view, and could not: once you've
entered a subsection of documentation, you're stuck and can't ever get
out again without going back to the top of the site and re-selecting

I can't figure out why the tutorial doesn't appear in the navigation.
It should be right after "Installation".  The only way there, from
what I can tell, is a nearly-invisible link in the text above the
navigation bar.  If most people are like me, they're just going to
look in the bar itself, not at the cutesy introductory text, for what
they need.

Given how very grayed-out the top bar of the navigation area is, it
was quite a surprise to discover that it changes as you visit
different areas of the site.  When I clicked on "Learn", it took me a
moment to realize that the left bar had changed; the half-invisible
grayed-out words "Grok Documentation" at the top were a bit hard to
find, but they're critical as they're what tips you off to the fact
that you're not looking at the same navigation bar you were on the
previous page.

It would be nice if the pretty logo for the section of the site you're
in appeared prominently at the top of the navigation bar or something
to make it look more strongly like you've arrived, and are now
navigating within, the part of the site you wanted to visit.

I suppose that actual caveman-looking icons would be too difficult to

Anyway, I just wanted to scribble down some impressions while the
experience of really looking at the new site is still fresh in my
mind.  Thanks to everyone who worked to bring it up; this will be a
huge improvement over the documentation development cycle as we knew
it before (but thanks, too, to the guys who were keeping it running

Death to HTML!  Long live ReST! :-)

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at rhodesmill.org   http://rhodesmill.org/brandon

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