[Grok-dev] The shared hosting story, in print anyone?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Jan 25 08:15:19 EST 2008

This is a blog entry about Rails and shared hosting that I believe  
applies to Grok as well:


If you aren't up to reading the entire blog, one of the parts caught  
my eye. Four reasons why Rails fails in shared hosting scenarios (the  
first three abbreviated):

1 Ruby on Rails needs to be a helluva lot faster...

2 Ruby on Rails needs to more or less work in ANY environment...

3 You need to maintain backwards compatibility better...

4 Officially support shared hosting environments. The feeling I get  
from the Rails community is that Rails is being pushed as some sort of  
high-end application system and that makes it ok to ignore the vast  
majority of user web environments. You simply cannot ignore the shared  
hosting users. In my opinion, the one thing the PHP people did that  
got them to where they are today is to embrace shared hosting and work  
hard to make their software work well within it. That means it has to  
be very lightweight (it may be too late for that in Rails already!),  
and it has to ‘plug in’ to a wide variety of operating environments  
with minimal fuss and hassle. Compatibility work like that is not  
glamorous, exciting, or fun, but it’s gotta be done.

In our case, I think we need a tutorial for shared hosting providers.

   "Installing and managing Grok in a shared hosting environment"

I have no experience of setting up shared hosting services, but maybe  
someone here has.

Mvh Sebastian

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