[Grok-dev] what to use for examples of adapters?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Jun 4 15:41:14 EDT 2008

Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:
> This could be quite a revelation to Plone people, who, last I checked,
> deal daily with object with literally
> a hundred or more methods because, to support every conceivable web
> operation and interface at once, they multiply inherit from, as far as I
> can tell, pretty much every superclass available in their framework. :-)

Plone is built on the powerful Zope 2 framework, which takes full advantage
of Python's capabilities for multiple inheritance. But even more powerful
than multiple inheritance is the secret, ancient dark magic that Zope 2 has
caged and forced into servitude - acquisition! This allows you to inherit
from the object containment hierarchy! The combination of these two powerful
forces means that there is no task that a Plone object is unable to
achieve!!!  Those "mega methods" Rubyists don't hold a candle to the
"ultra-mega methods" of a Plone object. MwuahahaHAHA!!!

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