[Grok-dev] Python UK meeting and Django

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Tue May 6 18:28:37 EDT 2008

I'm a little drunk as I'm writing this as the majority of tonights
Python UK meetup happened at the pub.
I held a quick talk about Grok which went fine. I was supposed to do a
demo that shows how it works but because my stupid KDE failed on me I
had to do a unprepared talk which, in retrospect, I'm happy with.

The only question I had to answer was "What about ZCML?". I replied
"At the 5 day sprint I got back from yesterday I only wrote on single
line of ZCML" to which Tim Cooper asked jokingly, "And how long was
that one line?"

Jacob Kaplan Moss then held a longer talk about the history and
success of Django. At the questions and answers afterwards I asked one
of the questions:
"What key thing do you think made Django so successful?"
His answer was rather long but never mentioned a single hint about
features or technology but primarily about how they prioritized the
community adaptation. As he knew I was there to represent Zope he said
"I respect what you've done with Grok but I think Zope is for
developers whereas Django is for users".
I'm tempted to exit at that but I think it's a point worth taking on
board if we want to regain the traction we had when zope2 was hot. Or
is that already what we're doing?

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