[Grok-dev] Python UK meeting and Django

Kapil Thangavelu kapil.foss at gmail.com
Thu May 8 19:57:55 EDT 2008

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Kevin Smith <kevin at mcweekly.com> wrote:

> Noah Gift wrote:
>> They were successful due to brilliant marketing (kudos man), a
>> mostly-developed python answer to RoR, a good sense of timing and strong
>> community development skills.
>  I agree, and if you doubt this truth, then read Four Hour Work Week.
>  Anyone can create their own image, and expertise in weeks, but it requires
> tenacious and persistent marketing.  They, or the entity, needs to write
> many articles, give talks, etc.  Unfortunately, often the very smartest
> people suck the most at engaging in this type of necessary behavior.
>> Perhaps grok is being too nice. GROK SMASH YET ANOTHER ROR RIPOFF.
>> </rant>
>> Of course a real advantage for DJango is that they are AppEngine ready.
>> Interestingly the Datastore is much more akin to the ZODB than it is to an
>> RDB.
>  I have been playing with the Datastore and like it quite a bit.  I would
> love to see a version of Grok that just uses the Datastore as option.  I
> would really, really like Grok then.  I know we have a "Global Sprint"
> coming at the end of May, and also some people that use Grok will be
> attending the Google I/O event.  Anyone want to try...?
> Yup, I'm game. The 1,000 file limit is pretty tough. A did a basic test
> doing an install of ore.wsgiref, and ended up with 3000+ files without
> including zcml.
> My mini-strategy is to
> * get easy_install zope.component
> * get martian working
> * implement custom traversal
> * fork grok  :) doh!
> After looking at the Datastore it may yet  be possible to do object-based
> publishing by replacing persistence. I'll have to catch up with you at
> Google I/O.
> fwiw, i started playing around with trying get z3 onto gae, its a hard
issue, after fiddling away the proxies in zope.deferredmodule, there's still
pkg_resource fixes to get just a barebones zope.publisher.paste running, and
then there are issues with location.proxies.. you'll end up with a very
stripped down z3, with little resemblance to the standard stack just pure
object publishing, and thats not even including a templating engine, which
have proxies referenced in them. and of course the 1000 file limit is tough,
to work around you can try zip'd files but that kills existing zcml usage
and template usage. at that point i realized i was just reinventing what the
repoze guys have been doing.. and that for running a z3 like environment the
repoze stack (obob publisher, transaction) is likely to be quite a bit
easier to just run.


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