[Grok-dev] five.grok failure - 'Invalid value for', 'handler', 'ImportError: Module zope.app.component.metaconfigure has no global defaultLayer'

sylvain at infrae.com sylvain at infrae.com
Wed Nov 5 09:22:17 EST 2008

> Hi there,

> I created a Plone 3.1.6 buildout (Zope 2.10.6) and added five.grok to
> the eggs and zcml options. Starting the instance fails with:

  You need with the currents version of Zope 2 a newer version of
zope.component. You can add to your zope 2 part:

 fake-zope-eggs = true
 skip-fake-eggs =

  I am going to document that in the README.txt

  Best regards,


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