[Grok-dev] groktoolkit: z3c.pt and chameleon issues

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Feb 24 10:05:45 EST 2010

Hi there,

While trying to bring megrok.chameleon into groktoolkit-compatible
state, I ran into the following problem.

megrok.chameleon uses z3c.pt for some minor functionality (evaluating
'exists' expressions in templates) and is simultanously depending on
Chameleon (not chameleon.core anymore :-) for all the core

Currently, z3c.pt latest release (1.1.0) is compatible with Chameleon up
to 1.0.8 but does not play well with Chameleon >= 1.1.0.

In the groktoolkit eco-system, however, we pin down z3c.pt 1.1.0
together with Chameleon 1.1.1 (sidenote: today 1.1.2 was released).

This won't work together.

What can I do here? Is it okay to decrease the listed Chameleon version
in groktoolkit to 1.0.8?

Or would it be better to remove support for the 'exists' evaluator
(which in Python might not make much sense anyway) and get rid of z3c.pt
dependency at all?

I'm also willing to ping Malthe Borch for an update of z3c.pt, but for
now I think we need a solution that plays well _now_ in groktoolkit.

As always, any hint is appreciated :-)

Best regards,


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