[Grok-dev] New grokcore for messages

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 12:08:44 EST 2010

Hello Grokkers,

Uli and I have been discussing the current state of grokui and we can
to an agreement :
The current dependency of grok upon grokui to register the flash
message machinery is not a good thing.
Currently, megrok.layout >= 1.0 is providing a way to register the
same utilities, which is also not a good thing.
Our idea is to externalize the message machinery, actually the
registration of z3c.flashmessage utilities into an independant
This, according to us, could go inside a new grokcore package. It's a
very light codebase, since all it does is to register the utilities.
But, if we ever move away from z3c.flashmessage to, say use a new
package or cook our own, we'll have a central place with an API we can
keep stable.
There, I'd like to start the package "grokcore.messages" and I'd like
Grok gurus' opinions, objections or input, to try, sort this situation
and come up with the most acceptable solution !

- Souheil

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