[Grok-dev] Increase Grok's visibility: submit snippets to Acire's library of Python Snippets

Roger Erens roger at erens-krekels.net
Sun Feb 28 19:57:41 EST 2010


Just pinging interest...

I stumbled upon this project, some sort of off-line ActiveState cookbook:


Maybe it's worth the try, after the documentation team has given a GO
for the 1.1 release :-), to collect snippets of code from the
tutorials, Carlos' book, etc. and put them in a library that can be
used by Acire (and maybe other IDE's later on) to show new Grok
developers how to do some selected tasks. Having a 'Grok' entry in
tools such as Acire might sparkle the interest of curious users. It
also might save relative newcomers from hunting Google links when they
try to remember how to write some code by providing some copy and
paste snippets quickly.


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