[Grok-dev] Simple AJAX question

Hannes hannes.flocke at gmx.li
Tue Jan 5 16:24:02 EST 2010

Hello Grokkers,

I'm beginner with Zope and Grok and I've the following problems:

1.) I've two schema.Choice fields that somehow depend on each other. The 
list of values that should be displayed in field2 depends on the entry 
selected in field1. As far as I understand AJAX, I've to send a request 
back to the server to load the list for field2, when the user selected a 
item from field1. Is that right? How do I do it?

2.) Even simpler: Again, I've a schema.Choice field and a "normal" text 
field. Now I just want to display the selected item from the Choice 
field in the text field. How do I do that?

I'm thankful for recommendations for existing JavaScript libraries. I've 
almost no experience with that kind of stuff.


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