[Grok-doc] Doc Grokstars Report

Steve Schmechel steveschmechel at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 11:05:00 EST 2010

You can confirm me for this task:

TASK: Merge "Automatic form generation" howto with forms tutorial  
(pending Steve)

After giving the items a quick look again, I am not sure that the
"Automatic form generation" howto adds anything to the tutorial.  Most
"form generation" concepts are covered more thoroughly in the tutorial.

The howto does show the use of the DropDownDateWidget, but that is
problematic due to dependencies on z3c.javascript (At least that was a
problem.  I would have to retest the howto to be sure it still is.)  It
also demonstrates a really simple use of TinyMCE.

The date picker could probably be better served with a hidden form field
and some client-side JavaScript.  I could try to enhance the "Mammoth"
forms with some JavaScript stuff to make them "cooler" when editing, but
I tend to think keeping the concepts separate (and providing links to
the "soon-to-be-written" AJAX tutorials) might be better for beginners.

I did once start to write a "do everything in one tutorial"
instructional document and, judging from the lack of response, I think
the length and time commitment required just scared people away before
they even got started.

Put me down for having them merged by March 15th.  I have some house
remodeling projects that are quite time consuming and I don't want to
miss out on any Grokstars!  Of course, if you pay Grokstars out early
upon completion of the work, I may consider doing this first, because
"infinite fortune" would bring "great happiness" to my remodeling
endeavors. ;-)


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