[Gsoc] note to mentors: self-introducion in the Google mentors list

Aroldo Souza-Leite asouzaleite at gmx.de
Tue Apr 1 07:22:10 EDT 2008

To all mentors:

the automatic subscription of accepted mentors to the Google GSoC mentor 
list is inconsistent, so that some ZF memtors who expected to have been 
subscribed actually haven't.

The manifest engagement of an organization's mentors could have an 
influence on the  allotment of project slots to that organization. I 
recommend all ZF mentors to introduce themselves in the thread started 
by Sidnei


take a short look at the recent threads and decide by themselves to 
which extent they want to participate in that list's further 
discussions.  The ones that stay in that mailinglist please stay 
attentive to bring the most relevant topics to the gsoc at zope.org list.



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