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Howdy fellas.  This is one red-hot answer!


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>Yes I turned rewite engine on, but maybe not in the right place. I
>it into global config.
>I believe do not need to use ExecCGI, since I use ScriptAlias. And
>Zope.cgi gets executed, I otherwise wouldn't be able to get to Zope
>I'm desperate.... 
Well, under RedHat 5.2, mod_rewrite is a DSO, and is activated
in the *middle* of the httpd.conf.
I had the same problem. The rewrite rules put a the top of the file
have no effect because they occur *before* mod_rewrite is activated.

I had to put the rewrite rules a the end of the file.
I works now.

I don't know if this will solve your problem, but, just in case...

Regards, Jephte CLAIN
Service Informatique CHSR

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