[ZDP] new ZDP project: tag reference list.

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 10:35:50 +0100

At 23:53 16/03/99 , Anthony Baxter wrote:
>Would someone like to set up a list of all known <!--#tags --> on a web
>page, then we can start filling them in, adding entries for all the options
>they take, when they're applicable, &c.
>Yes, most of them are already documented, but they're scattered throughout
>the docs.
>Let's see how I go with naming them all:
>Standard ones:
>with /with
>in [else] /in
>if [else] /if
>comment /comment

tree /tree
unless /unless
else /else (now deprecated, equal to unless)

if is defined as:
if [elif]* [else] /if

>Aqueduct adds:
>sqlgroup /sqlgroup
>and /and
>or /or

The definitions are:
sqlgroup [and]* [or]* /sqlgroup

>Any I missed?

Mailhost adds:
sendmail /sendmail

I already volunteerd to documenting these tags. I am working on a DTML tag
refernce. Above list is my work up till now, because I have had little time
recently to do much ZDP-ing. I have already written an overview of the tree
tag, see

My text needs to be rewritten though, because I wrote it when suffering
from a distinct lack of sleep...

For now, the ZDP is focusing on FAQ building. Don't let this stop you
mailing DTML tag descriptions, though.

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