[ZDP] moving on.

Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor" <bob@rocnet.com
Fri, 7 May 1999 12:04:27 -0400

> 1. Combine the text and place it somewhere on the net, so everybody can
> read it and add things to it.

OK,  you could also post on ZDP if your given access.
I think it's Martijn that can give you access.

> 2. Going further with the things I had in mind : Z FrameWork....

Tell us more.

> 3. Has anybody seen the pic I've sended with the text? Do you understand
> what I want to show? i.e. the whole working of Zope in one pic.... Is it
> possible?

I'd love to see it but it wasn't attached.  Perhaps a link to a 
web page would work?

Others can answer other questions.

-Bob OConnor bob@rocnet.com