[ZDP] moving on.

Tom Deprez Tom.Deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri, 07 May 1999 18:41:45 +0200

>> 2. Going further with the things I had in mind : Z FrameWork....
>Tell us more.

Well, Zope speaks about :

Z Framework 

But what is Z Framework exactly? It glues everything together, but ...?

Z Templates

???? It describes how an object is rendered? Zope speaks about XML, HTML,
... but how can you say this object has to be rendered as XML, ... I can
only find Document Templates

Z SQL Methods
Z SQL Database Adapters

I would like to give them a place and what they really are). What do they
do, where do they 'live'? How are they connected to each other... Problem
is... I'm not really sure that I know all thingies here, but I'll try.
>> 3. Has anybody seen the pic I've sended with the text? Do you understand
>> what I want to show? i.e. the whole working of Zope in one pic.... Is it
>> possible?
mm, it was inside the Zip-file I sended yesterday. But at the moment I
think something already has to change.... I'm reading about Z ORB and Z
Publisher... It seems that the Z ORB is inside the Z Publisher.... but that
doesn't make sence (at least I think this). 

I thought Z Publisher was made to do the following :

1. A layer between Zope and the 'other side'
2. with layer, I mean : pcgi, cgi, .... (although I don't know these
protocols really exactly)
3. So, if a certain 'other side' e.g. Apache only works with a cgi or
whatever. You could write this cgi and everything should work.
 --> thus Z Publisher works like a translator. 
 --> If you want to write a Z Publisher layer, you need to know what you
get from Zope and from the 'other side'. The ZPublisher makes a translation.
4. If ORB is inside the Z Publisher, this means that you have to rewrite
ORB too.... and is ORB not always the same? i.e. translation of an URL to
Object Oriented?

Please, can somebody explain this?