[ZDP] OpenContent issues

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin@texoma.net
Tue, 18 May 1999 08:15:00 -0500

At 5:13 PM -0400 5/17/99, Michel Pelletier wrote:
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>> > So,  hypothetically lets say that O'Reilly publishes
>> > "The Zen of Zope" based on the work of the ZDP group.
>"The Zen of Zope" is copyright, 1998 by Michel Pelletier.  I give
>permission to the ZDP project to use and publish the outline I posted
>and any other content I post publicly to the list, the title, however, I
>reserve the right to.

As far as legal issues are concerned I don't believe (my understanding)
that titles are copyrightable. Titles are merely labels for a content's
container. Only the content is copyrightable.

There are many, many books with the same title.

However, we are a community here, and we as a community can agree to not
use your title for any works which procede from here.

I can't speak for the community but as a member of such, I hereby agree.

Jimmie Houchin