[ZDP] Zope vs CVS (Re: [ZDP] OpenContent issues)

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
19 May 1999 01:33:26 -0700

I wrote:
> CVS is used to provide & control access to the files.

We also have the option to use zope to provide distributed access.
This would be a good public demonstration of zope power.

Some advantages of using CVS:
- most powerful version control & logging of who did what
- widespread & standard - excellent tools like cvsweb ready-made
- supports working offline & merging with master copy

Some advantages of using zope:
- demonstrates zope to potential users
- simple through-the-web authoring - CVS is too tricky for many
- advanced functionality can be added if needed
- learning exercise

I have been debating this zope/cvs issue myself, in regard to an
intranet which I maintain which currently uses CVS to allow
distributed authoring. Switching to zope will allow me to provide an
easier interface & more features, but I don't want to give up the
advantages of CVS either. I haven't thought of a good way to combine
the two.

Question: has the latest webDAV support resolved this dilemma, or will
it soon ?