[ZDP] Zope installation directory structure - draft 1

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 14:52:55 +0100

At 14:29 03/11/99 , kamon.ayeva@bureauveritas.com wrote:
>lib/python     Zope Python library
>           - - Is it usefull to detail the subdirectories ?


>lib/python1.5  Zope Python 1.5 library
>           - - Is it usefull to detail the subdirectories ?

This only comes with older Zope binary packages, before 2.0 I think. Not 
with my 2.0.1 install.

>pcgi      PCGI support directory
>pcgi/Win32     PCGI Win32 support directory
>utilities      Utilities files
>var       Zope data directory
>var/Gadfly     Gadfly connection files ???

Gadfly database files. Subdirs of this dir denote databases.

>ZServer/medusa      Medusa program files
>ZServer/pubcore     ????

That's spelled PubCore (mind the case).

This dir contains the glue between Medusa and Zope, it handles the Zope 

>    You will have to create the following ones yourself for advanced Zope
>    development:

Explain these directories as well.

>    The following files are important for Zope configuration and daily work:
>access         Zope management access control file (See following section
>Zope.cgi  Zope PCGI information file (See following section XXX)
>Z2.py          ZServer python program

That's z2.py (again, the type-case).

>start          Zope unix startup program
>stop      Zope unix shutdown program
>var/Data.fs    Primary Zope Object Database file (See section XXX)

   Indexing file, can be rebuild if missing

   Database lock

   Default database, containing the Quickstart tutorial.

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