[ZDP] [meta] Re: [ZDP] The 'central person' question

Martijn Faassen m.faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 15:56:20 +0100

Dody Gunawinata wrote:
> Let's loosen up a bit...Just write the book that we all love, and the
> publisher can decide whether they want it or not.

And do let's form the structure, it's just that we are still working on
the structure -- we can't let the publishing project force us into
something we're not completely ready to do yet. Anarchy is Order, after
all. :)

Let's start distinguishing this discussion between [meta] and [content].
The [content] discussions are the most important of course, so what am I
doing here? :)

> As for the spokesperson to the publisher, I'm still incline to have Tom
> do it..he's been doing the "bossy" stuff for a while, this function
> would just an extension of that..

Yes, let's Tom do it. Tom will also decide we're using the open content
license for everything we write, with the option 'publishers need to
check with us to get permission for publishing' checked. Right, Tom?
This license discussion isn't progressing any further and it looks like
nobody is protesting against that choice, so let's put that up on our
website somewhere. If we do, I can adapt the mailing list welcome
message and such to point to the license we're working with.