[ZDP] ZDP-Tools Plans and ZDP guidelines

kamon ayeva kayeva@hotmail.com
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 18:41:10 GMT

Hi Maik, and good to hear from you.

>Hi Tom !
>>Already back again? Great!
>>How is school?
>Thanks for asking, everything went fine, and now a new semester is 
> >starting.
>Besides my studies, I will be making heavy use of the ZDP-Tools for >some
>other homepages I am working on, and so you can expect to see >continous

About the plans I think we need to divide and set different priorities 
because there are too much to do, and we all have limited time.
I globally agree with Rik's answers, but I can comment further on some 
things important according to me:

* Synchronization of content with Zope.org (how-tos):
I imagine this can be done with XML-RPC syndication, but why not simply 
propose to DC and the community that the how-tos area be switched to ZDP 
site. The reason is that people will need a single point to access 
documentation and also have the feature of downloading the how-tos.

* Hide everything ZDP-Tools-centric to users, and only show it to people 
having the "ZDP management" roles.

* I don't know about the mailbag tool. What is sure is that it is not of 
priority 1. Maybe it is feasible (if top usefull) within the next three 
months, but I don't know.

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