[ZDP] ZDP-Tools Tasks + Mail archive and Howto Link discussion

Maik Roeder roeder@berg.net
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 20:57:01 +0200

Hi ZDP !

I have defined some tasks on


I have already taken on one of the tasks, which is the creation
of a threaded discussion. The reason I have started with this
task is that Axion, the company I am doing consultant work for
needs the threaded discussion. I invite you to help working on
this project if you are interested. You can see some information
about our plans here:


(There are references to the two ZClasses DiscussionFolder and
Discussion that I have already created but not fully completed
at this link.)

Please feel free to choose among the other tasks, and also to
create your own tasks.

I don't know how we can put a priority on the tasks. 
Does anyone have an idea ?

Rik Hoekstra wrote:
> > > [rh] the point to throw in here is whether a whole zope archive would be the
> > > best idea. It is the simplest to maintain (if it's technically working), of
> > > course, but a mail digest would be an even better idea. This is technically
> > > simpler , but requires more human resources (read volunteers).
> >
> > I don't want to create just another mail archive. There are other people
> > who have the ressources do do so, but indeed what I want to do is actually
> > a mail digest. Mails will only remain stored if they are being referenced !
> > I just figure that this makes it work like the Python garbage collector :-)
> I like that. How exactly will that work?

Let's agree upon some points:

1. Messages appear in Threads.
2. Threads end after some time when nobody posts a follow up
3. Threads that have no follow up after one week are said to have ended
4. Messages are most valuable when embedded inside their thread
5. Messages inside threads can be quoted
6. The quote contains a reference to the original Message inside it's thread
7. Messages that have not been quoted are not needed any more
8. Threads that don't contain a quoted message can be removed if they have ended
9. Quoted messages along with their thread need to be stored as long
   as the quote exists

To find out after one week what Threads to delete, you first mark all
Threads as "Don't know whether this is needed". Then you only have to walk
through all quotes and mark the thread it appears in as "This Thread is Needed".
After that, all Threads that still have the "Don't know whether this is needed"
mark can be deleted. The correctness of the deletion procedure follows
from point "8." above. The correctness of the keeper procedure follows from
9. above. ;-)
> > > * List members with their Roles
> > >
> > > [rh] ok, but not for public view
> >
> > What do the others think ? I would not have a problem with showing
> > my role in the project.
> I don't have a problem myself, but I wonder whether it would be wise
> from a security point of view.

I see no problem here. Only those with a certain role can perform actions
that their roles allow. Without the password nobody can act on behalf of
someone else.
> > I want to add Links in which the content of the Howtos are hidden.
> > The content will be found by the Catalog, but the people should
> > first look at the source on Zope.org before looking into the copy
> > on ZDP.
> What about links with keywords/topics etc; this way you do not have to
> mirror the howto's or keep in sync, and still be able to present them in
> any way you's like to and consistently with the rest of the ZDP site.

As a first step this would be sufficient, but you still have to gather all 
the information from the Zope site, and while you are at it, you can also
grab the content and hide it in your howto link.
The reason to put the content into the link is that people may search for
a keyword which would not be catched by the keywords/topics you are assigning
to a Howto.