[ZDP] Links between DTML language and Python language...

QUIN Frédéric frederic.quin@free.fr
Thu, 8 Jun 2000 09:12:00 +0200

Hello all,

In the last mail I sent, I explaint my problem to know if a specified item is
in a list. Oleg helped me and said that : "Learn Python". Now, I wonder if
there are strong links between DTML language and Python language. Because, in
the DTML language reference, you can find nothing meaning that.

Sometimes, I see functions used in DTML which are not referenced in DTML
language reference. I guess that it's Python functions. So, I ask the question
if it's advised to be introduced to Python before programming in DTML. I would
like to know too, if there is any rule that specify how to use Python functions
in DTML language, and if all Python functions are accessible in DTML...