[ZDP] more feedback about ZDP

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@thisbox.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 21:03:21 -0500


shouldnt necessarily show 'whats changed in the past 2 days' but rather 'the
last N things to change', and you may not necessarily want to put dates by
them, although 'how they changed' may be very interesting (by how I mean
their evolution, if its a discussion/draft and something is a comment to a
draft, you may want it to say'

comment __xyz__ was added by __anonymous_bob__
    -- the topic in which this was regarding is __abc__

this way, people can start at the root and work to the leaf, as well as
start at the leaf and work to the parent (I never liked this)

--- how about -- the most visited documentation/links?  I would be
interested in helping design this functionality.  I think it would have to
be a cron job that would use a web log analyzer + some rules set to be able
to figure this out.  something fairly dumb -- but could yield very
interesting results quickly. or we could use mysql and throw some type of
sql-call into every header (not a great idea, but i'm sure the ZDP isnt
receiving thousands of hits/sec, yet... :)

--- another link issue:
I'm not quite sure how you have the ZDP setup, but here is an issue inside
of the http://zdp.zope.org/portals page, where the xml mailing list is *just
a link*.  people have no need to write about the xml mailing list, it just
*exists* as a link (to the egroups url) ?

--- account:  can I get an account on ZDP?  some of this stuff, maybe I
could just do in a version and you can approve/reject it?  there are lots of
fairly trivial things like http://zdp.zope.org/mailinglist/ links that
should goto a url.

--- anyone done any usecases on how the Zope Documentation will be
accessed/used.  What content objects can be shared between ZDP and Zope.org.
This leads to a ZODB question: how do we 'programmatically' merge this
content, one day?  we have quite a few search engines that cover vastly
different information sources: eGroups, zope.org, zdp.zope.org, external
sites.   I have no doubt that the mailing lists will eventually have a
bridge into the ZODB.  what I'm more concerned with is the integration of
ZDP and ZOPE.ORG (like everyone is).   I saw a message saying ethan was
authorized w/ integrating ZDP and ZOPE.ORG (but I didnt see any info after
that) at the very least on integrating both the search engines (at first
going from ZDP -> ZOPE) ...  how this would be done- I have no idea.  I
would imagine XML-RPC(?), external method and a few dtml methods.  what y'll

--- what are plans for ZDP and Zope.org integration/future?  the
documentation chat is all very 'high level', did Amos make any more comments
on this?

I'm just giving feedback, please dont take this as negative criticism.  I
have not put my fair share of work into Zope, compared to how much I've
taken from it.  I've given some ideas how I can help, and some things that I
think should be addressed.  I will help out more..