[ZDP] (no subject)

Maik Röder maikroeder@hotmail.com
Wed, 09 May 2001 12:06:32 +0200

Hi Erik !

Sorry for leaving your question unanswered for so long.

>I just installed ZDP-Tools 0.4 on our test system.
>I had some trouble to make it work. That is why
>I have some questions.
>I had to add tests for role 'Reader' to Role_Actions and Role_Actions_Local
>methods of DocumentFolderClass. Is 0.4 really the latest ZDP-Tools version 


>Does the ZDP zite run a more recent ZDP-Tools version ?


>Is there some document that describes the purpose of the several Classes ?


>Or a document that explains the structural hierarchy of the instances of
>these classes ? The Book, Section, Chapter relation is documented, but what
>about FeatureTypeFolders ?

This is just left over from a project I did for MPTrois.com.

>Is there a Class that accepts arbitrary uploaded objects (pictures,
>other types of files such as PDFs etc) ?

No. But as everything is derived from DocumentFolder, every document
can take arbitrary objects, so you can add this functionality to
DocumentFolder itself.

>Can I get the 'source-code' of the ZDP home page zdp.zope.org somewhere ?

I can send it to you if you like.

>What about the future of ZDP-Tools ? Any specific plans ?

No plans ;-)

>Thanks for taking some time to answer these questions.

No problem,

Best regards,

Maik Roeder
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