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  The word *object* is a heavily loaded term.  Depending on your
  background, it may mean any number of different things.  In this
  chapter, you can think of a Zope object as an application component
  that you can control and edit using a web browser.

    % Anonymous User - July 2, 2002 1:53 pm:
     No. DTML is not going away. DTML will be around, likely forever. DTML is a more general-purpose templating
     facility than ZPT, which can only template HTML/XML content. DTML can template non-XML content like CSS and

      % Anonymous User - July 2, 2002 1:54 pm:
       Is it true that those objects such as folders are actually stored in Zope's database?

    % Anonymous User - Nov. 7, 2002 12:43 pm:
     does dtml work with search engins?

    % Anonymous User - Dec. 5, 2002 2:20 pm:
     Yes, Search engines see the same rendered html (meta tags and content text) as users do, the dtml code is not
     visible except at the server's management interface or via FTP views of the zope database objects appearing
     as files and folders.