[Zope-Checkins] Re: [Zope3-checkins] CVS: ZODB3/ZConfig-substitution.py: loader.py: cfgparser.py:

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Sat Sep 20 20:41:32 EDT 2003

[Chris McDonough]
> It appears that the affected packages are ZConfig, zLOG, zdaemon, and
> (in a teeny way) the logging package.  If I can revert these to their
> states before the merge commit, that would be easiest.

Chris, I hope all is well down there!  Jeremy and I still had net access on
Friday (mine got restored a little before noon), so we took a crack at
repairing the damage we did to those pieces on the Zope 2.7 branch.  I think
that went well, but can't swear to it.  If anything is still screwed up,
scream at us.

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